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Posted By ampersand1 on Mar 13, 2012 at 8:58PM

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Nicki Minaj Nail Polish Giveaway

Posted By Michelle Miller on Feb 12, 2012 at 8:59AM
nail polish giveaway
Here is an example of some nail art you can do if you win my giveaway for the Nicki Minaj by OPI mani mini set! http://beautybesties.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/opi-nicki-minaj-nail-art-and-nicki-minaj-polish-set-giveaway/

The scary "disease"

Posted By Tanya Mckeithen on Dec 19, 2011 at 10:06AM

So on October 25, one day after attending a grief conference that focused on how we as healthcare workers help others deal with grief, but also work together with coworkers to lessen our own grief baggage, I was presented with a new reason to grieve: I was fired. On this sunny fall day, my supervisor and her supervisor told me, "This will be difficult for you to hear." Not we are sorry to have to do this, or there was this reason or that, just "yeah screw you! you've had an unplanned move, a grandmother die, some car issues, the holidays are coming, let's add some unkosher salt to that wound. Boo-ya!!"
It vaguely reminds me of the statement of "this hurts me more than it will hurt you," when I still received spankings. How is that possible? And yes, it was difficult for me to hear, but I think just as troubling for others to hear. Continue on for the difficulty/panic others experienced when I told them.

My on again/off again exercise partner was chatting with me about a week or two after it happened and wondering if I was going in to work since it was almost 9 and she had luxury of telecommuting. "Well, actually I'm not working at all now," and I proceeded to tell her the harrowing details. "But if you hear of anything/know of anything or anyone, let me know." Her response was "well i doubt I will, but I'll be in touch." Needless to say, I did not see much of her in the following weeks and phone calls/texts to exercise/run/bike were pretty much ignored.
My old neighbors who had invited me to their home for graduation parties/holiday parties and always stopped to chat extensively about doggie details, life, family, etc. gasped in horror when my subject of my demise came up on a sidewalk chat. When their 8 year old daughter asked, "mommy what's wrong?", her ears were covered and a quick "nothing honey" was muttered and they rushed everyone into the house leaving half of the christmas lights up and the other in a pile on the porch. You don't want to catch that disease! I felt like I was in one of the freak cages at the circus. "Don't get too close ladies and gentlemen. You never know what might happen from a soul like this!"
Another friend who is a fan of being a virtual penpal asked if she could do anything to help with the situation. When suggested that it would be nice to hang out and just be around someone other than my furry friends and other desperate jobless people, she must have been too busy looking at one of the interesting pictures she receives and sends out to everyone because I never heard from her again. When I texted one day and suggested we should get together and talk, she texted back, "Is something wrong?" Duh!!!
Then there are the hordes of people who just shy away and quickly scurry into their apartments, cars, or businesses like rats in the night because they feel too awkward to deal with it. Anything is better than avoidance and sometimes just listening can be nice. Worst of all though, don't try to compete with your issues of not being able to pay for that european vacation or that outfit at the mall. I am wondering how I'm going to buy cat/dog food and then also pay electricity/utility bill.

There are the friends who have had their unemployment vaccine and have been quite wonderful. So thanks to those friends who have taken me out for wine/cheese,brought me flowers, taken me to the grocery store, or just called to chat. It's much appreciated.
For the rest of the "friends(in a facebook sense)," get on down to your doctor and use those health benefits your employer provides and get that unemployment vaccine where you can use that heart you have and be kind.

Your Guide to Enjoying a Money-Less Weekend

Posted By Emily Co on Dec 17, 2011 at 3:05AM

I know what you must be thinking, how in the world am I supposed to not spend any money this weekend? And no, you don't have to stay in all weekend, isolated, watching Law & Order reruns, and eating scraps from your fridge (although a leftovers party is a fun idea!). Here are some exciting free things to do this weekend.

  • Take a Hike: There's nothing like a walk to clear the mind and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Make plans to take a walk in a park or go to hiking trails nearby. It's also a great way to wind down from the hectic work week you had — scientists found that viewing bits of greenery is really good for relaxation. Having gone away on a weekend recently to greener pastures, I can truly attest to that!
  • Free Apps Galore: Use the downtime this weekend by exploring the apps world and taking advantage of all the free apps available. I'm seriously loving some I recently downloaded on the phone, and I'm going to use the free time to look for more. My favorite ones that help me save money include KiK Messenger for free texting, Tip and Split for easy tip calculations, and Cheap Gas!, an app that looks for the cheapest gas rates near you. My other freebie favorites: Casa's home decorating apps and Geek's top 10 free iPad apps.
  • Animal Time: I don't have my own pets here with me, but I love animals. I spend my days cooing over the adorable pictures over at PetSugar, but sometimes pictures aren't enough. Get your animal fix by either offering to pet sit for a friend or volunteering at an animal shelter.

For more fun free stuff to do this weekend, read on!

Posted By eric devezin on Oct 14, 2011 at 12:15AM

$100 Planet Beauty bag giveaway

Posted By Michelle Miller on Oct 2, 2011 at 7:35PM


Planet Beauty $100 beauty bag filled with products!  Check out my blog post for how to win!  Easy to enter!

Just "like" Planet Beauty on Facebook and say "Beauty Besties sent me"

You can gain additional entries by reading my blog post xoxo

Good luck

Posted By Johnny Luckett on Sep 6, 2011 at 5:19PM

"...Love is the transcending needle & thread that sews this wonderful tapestry of experience. Without it, we unravel and fall apart. - Johnny Luckett


Win a $75 Blurb.com giftcard w/ NO obligation to follow!

Posted By Cara Wong on Aug 26, 2011 at 11:31AM


It's time to gather up your vacation photos and create a memorable photo book!

How would you like to win a $75 Blurb gift certificate to get you started? And, there is NO OBLIGATION TO SIGN UP AS A FOLLOWER on my blog, Twitter, or Facebook.


All you have to do is:

1. Let me know what kind of book would you would like to create.

2. Post your reply as a comment on my blog entry: http://cara.onsugar.com/75-Blurb-Photo-Book-Treat-Blurbcom-18649497

OR send a  message to my Twitter and be sure to include '@caraonsugar' (http://Twitter.com/CaraOnSugar),

OR post your answer on my Facebook wall (http://Facebook.com/CaraOnSugarBlog).

And, I will choose a winner on September 5 !!!!*

*Disclosure: This contest is sponsored by Blurb.com. All prizes are directly given by Blurb.com. A winner will be chosen on September 5 by 6 p.m. Pacific time, and contact information of the winner will be given to Blurb.com. Please see my Disclosure site.

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Posted By eric devezin on Aug 14, 2011 at 8:03PM

I have a new giveaway -  Super Easy to Enter

One  set wll be given away to a Facebook follower
One set will be given away to a Twitter follower

Each winner will be choosen at random entry deadline is August 30, 2011 @ midnight PST


3 Nutra Nail product giveaway

Posted By Michelle Miller on Jul 21, 2011 at 1:49PM

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I have a new giveaway going on my blog for 3 Nutra Nail products: Nail growth formula, nail strengthener, and instant smudge repair

Check out the link for the super simple way to enter!  <3